Resistance Recess – Save the ACA with Progressives of Kane County

February 25, 2017 - 11 AM

intersection of Route 64 and Randall Rd. in St. Charles, IL

Supporting Organizations: MoveOn

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UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE. We will be gathering at the intersection of Route 64 and Randall Rd. in St. Charles. We are expecting a large crowd and this gives us better exposure. Bundle up and bring signs. Carpool if possible. We want Rep. Hultgren to know we want him to save the ACA, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Resistance Recess – 3rd Congressional District – Dan Lipinksi

February 23, 2017 - 3 PM

6245 South Archer Avenue, Chicago, IL 60638

Supporting Organizations: MoveOn

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We will be visiting Representative Dan Lipinski to let him know that we stand #INDIVISIBLE against Trump’s agenda. We stand together for progressive values (modeling inclusion, respect, fairness, and non-violence). Indivisible groups all over Illinois will be visiting their representatives on the same day and time to demonstrate unity. Bring signs and let Rep. Lipinski know that we expect him to Stand Strong against the Trump regressive agenda. #ReclaimRecess

Resistance Recess – 9th Congressional District – JAN FAN RALLY

February 23, 2017 - 3 PM

5533 N Broadway, Chicago, IL

Supporting Organizations: MoveOn

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US Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky Illinois 9th district is a democratic leader in the fight to resist the Trump administration. LET’S THANK HER and those in the Chicago office with a JAN FAN rally during the Congressional Recess! Here are ways you can participate ( Please note: Jan will NOT be in town. ) — RALLY/PHOTO OP Thursday 2/23/17 at 3:00 5533 N Broadway.

Jan will not be in town but let’s show her how much we appreciate her! Bring your Jan Fan thank you signs. Let’s take a fabulous group pic outside her office and share widely.

Deliver thank you postcards to Jan and others in the governmental office: (***if you cannot make it on 2/23 to hand deliver your postcard, feel free to drop it off at 5301 N Clark St 2nd Floor. We will hand deliver for you!***) Also at this location: 48th Ward Democratic Committeewoman Carol Ronen , 48th Ward Alderman Harry Osterman , State Rep Kelly Cassidy 14th, State Senator Heather Steans 7th, Cook County Commissioner Bridget Gainer – 10th District.

BONUS: Come early at 2:30pm. Meet Jan’s District Director on the governmental side, then walk next door to meet the Political Director. While you’re there, please introduce yourselves to each other. Connect with your neighbors and join their networks. We are stronger together!

Resistance Recess – Statewide Day of Action! 5th Congressional District – Mike Quigley

February 23, 2017 - 12:30 PM

3223 N. Sheffield Ave. Chicago, IL 60657

Supporting Organizations: MoveOn

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Use your lunch break to resist Trump! Rally at Rep. Mike Quigley’s Lakeview office on N. Sheffield, just steps from the Red and Brown line. Rep. Mike Quigley is a member of the House Intelligence Committee. As such, he must extend his influence to push for investigations regarding the Trump administration’s ties to Russia. Bring signs to remind Quigley that we want answers! As Illinois’s District 5 constituents, we’ll be rallying to both thank the Congressman for resisting Trump’s agenda, and also remind him that we want more! Bring a coworker or friend — let’s show Rep. Quigley this is a movement not a moment! Please invite others and spread the word! #ReclaimRecess

Resistance Recess! Statewide Action – Rep. Luis Gutierrez (IL-4)

February 23, 2017 - 4 PM - 5:30 PM

3240 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL

Supporting Organizations: MoveOn

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But first, let’s recall why this event is so important! Here’s the deal: even though Rep. Gutierrez has been great on immigration and refugee rights, we need him to #RESIST45! MoCs are subject to all kinds of pressures—from party leaders, lobbyists, donors, etc—and Rep. Gutierrez shares a lot of our values, we have to show up strong, make our voices heard, and embolden him to STAND UP for what WE, his constituents, believe in!

So! Here are the details of what’s going on:

– Meeting Place: The corner of Kedzie and Fullerton, in the parkway
on the west side of the boulevard.

– What to Bring: If you can, BRING SIGNS! And put Indivisible Chicago or HumboldtLogan Indivisible on them! Pick your favorite issue and ask Rep. Gutierrez to stand up for it! If immigration is your favorite issue, write a sign thanking him! If you can’t, we’ll have some extra poster board and markers and you can make a sign before we head to his office. Also: BRING AMERICAN FLAGS! We need to take that symbol BACK! Finally, if you have a bullhorn, please reply to this email and let us know!! We need one!! (Hey, we’re first time organizers just like you, k? 😉

– Schedule: Arrive at 4pm, we’ll make signs, go over the schedule again, and practice chants. (If you have suggestions, please submit them here!) We’ll head over to the office around 4:20. At 4:40, a small group will head inside with a specific request for Rep. Gutierrez to stand up and fight back against the Trump agenda (see more below!) We’ll march for an hour or so before we disband around 5:20.

What We’re Asking For:

– More town halls! There’s one on 3/6, but that’s not enough! We want well advertised, frequent town halls to stay in close contact with Rep. Gutierrez.

– No Investigation, No Legislation! Rep. Gutierrez should do everything in his power to STOP congressional action until the House Oversight Committee agrees to investigate Michael Flynn (and other election staff) and his communications with Russia. We must know what this administration knew about Russia’s involvement in election tampering and sanctions!

– Co-sponsor the Presidential Trade Transparency Act! This act would require the president to disclose any financial interests he has in foreign countries before dealing with trade matters. We must know how he is compromised!
Please send us any questions. We’ll try to get to them asap.

Stand Up for Transgender Rights: Chicago

February 25, 2017 - 12 PM-1 PM

Halstead & Roscoe

Contact Info:

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Wednesday, the transgender community saw a devastating setback on their path to full equality. Obama administration guidance protecting trans youth in public schools is no more. The Trump administration continues on its path of intolerance and hate, and because of that we must all stand up together for all members of the trans community including those who consider themselves as gender non-conforming, cisgendered, bi-gendered, Two Spirit, intersex, cross-dressers, queer, non-binary, drag kings or queens, queer, questioning, as well as the GLB community. Trans folks of color are at particular risk due to the actions of the current administration and we stand proudly with them. Minorities are at risk under this administration, and this is why we must unite, we must march! We will be hosting speakers, please contact Kevin Borrini Morrison if you would like to be added to the lineup. We will be meeting at the corner of Roscoe and Halsted in the parking lot of the 7-11. Speeches will begin at noon, and at one we will take to the sidewalks marching down Halsted. Invite all, share this far and wide. The movement unites this Saturday in Boystown. We will not allow Trump to move this country backwards.

There is a large Latinxs Against Trump Protest at 2PM in the loop, and in solidarity with this event, we will begin marching at 1PM to allow supporters to join in on this event.

Resistance Recess – Congressman Danny Davis Town Hall

February 23, 2017 - 7 PM

Xilin Art Academy, 2352 S Wentworth Ave, Chicago, IL 60616

Supporting Organizations: MoveOn

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The week of February 18–26 is the first congressional recess of the 115th Congress and, for many of us, the first opportunity as constituents to speak directly with our members of Congress. This is the perfect time to ask the questions that we, as constituents, deserve answers to and to demonstrate, in no uncertain terms, that tolerance of Trump’s hateful agenda is unacceptable and politically toxic.

That’s why we’re declaring this congressional recess Resistance Recess: Save Our Healthcare, Our Communities, and Our Democracy.”

We will show up at our elected officials’ events, town halls, and other public appearances to make it clear to those who represent us in Congress, as well as to the media, that tolerance of the Trump Administration’s hurtful policies is intolerable, that indifference or idleness is not acceptable, that complacency is politically toxic.

Will you join fellow constituents and attend a Resistance Recess action?

Resistance Recess – Missing, Randy Hultgren!

February 23, 2017 - 4 PM

40W310 Lafox Road, #F2 Campton Hills, IL 60175 (Outside)

Supporting Organizations: MoveOn

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General Strike: A Day Without A Woman

March 8, 2017 - 12 AM - 12 PM


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The International Women’s Strike on March 8th, 2017 is an international day of action, planned and organized by women in more than 30 different countries.

In the spirit of solidarity and internationalism, in the United States March 8th will be a day of action organized by and for women who have been marginalized and silenced by decades of neoliberalism directed towards working women, women of color, Native women, disabled women, immigrant women, Muslim women, lesbian, queer and trans women.

March 8th will be the beginning of a new international feminist movement that organizes resistance not just against Trump and his misogynist policies, but also against the conditions that produced Trump, namely the decades long economic inequality, racial and sexual violence, and imperial wars abroad.

We celebrate the diversity of the many social groups that have come together for the International Women’s Strike. We come from many political traditions but are united around the following
common principles.

Chicago specific details to follow. NOTE: there are multiple events being planned in solidarity with this event; please see individual additional postings.

Link to letter template for employers:

Anyone, anywhere, can join by making March 8th A Day Without a Woman:

ChiStrikesBack Deportations – Chicago Responde a Deportaciones

February 16, 2017 - 11 AM - 1 PM

Union Park, 1501 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL

Supporting Organizations: Arise Chicago

Contact Info:

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First Mexico, then Milwaukee; NOW CHICAGO

Strike Back Against Deportations!
Thursday 2/16
Union Park (Ogden and Randolph)

Without us, this country cannot function
Spread the word!

Primero Mexico, despues Milwaukee, AHORA CHICAGO


Respuesta a las deportaciones!
Jueves el 16 de febrero
Parque Union (esquina de la Ogden y Randolph)

Sin nostoros, este pais se paraliza

Corre la voz!