Pride Without Prejudice 2021!

June 27, 2021 - 12 PM

Belmont CTA Station (Belmont & Sheffield), Chicago, IL

Supporting Organizations: Communities Against Deportations, Life Is Work and 7 others (see organizer page)

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The cancellation of last year’s “Pride Parade” gave several Queer community members the opportunity to replace that vapid, corporation-drenched spectacle with a truly community-driven event & we did it with “Pride Without Prejudice”. A march that celebrated the best traditions of the Stonewall Rebellion which rebirthed our movement.

Rather than a parade, with most people passively viewing from the sidelines, we will have a participatory march that centers Black and Brown Queer & Trans voices, who are so often shunted to the side. This march will celebrate the best traditions of the Stonewall Rebellion, which rebirthed our movement.

We will unapologetically highlight issues of racism, police violence, and the obscene amount of money spent on a militarized police, and a military which polices the world. In so doing, we will be honoring the rich, but largely forgotten, history of the Stonewall Rebellion and the movement that followed it.

Like today’s #BlackLivesMatter movement and its demand to defund the police, the post-Stonewall movement recognized that resources spent on repression at home and military domination abroad kill our people and deprive our communities of desperately needed resources.

This is a PEACEFUL MARCH/PROTEST! We are not here to entice violence, we are here to make all our voices heard!

-PPE (Masks) are very much encouraged
-If you would like to help please reach please the link below

Our goal is to reclaim Pride from white profiteers and huge corporations and return it to the people, especially our black community and our demands for change are as follows:

–Refocus and remember that Pride began with Black, Brown Queer & Trans lives.
–Bars and events to not only include, but showcase and feature the black, brown, trans, femme, lesbian, non-binary and all other underrepresented communities on all promotions and advertisements for without these communities we would not have any of the achievements we have today.
–Defund the Police, Remove them from all queer community activities, use those funds towards our most marginalized communities, and redistribute that wealth into organizations providing to these communities in need.
— Decriminalize sex work and demand justice for our brothers and sister lives who have been murdered.

Our 2021 Pride Without Prejudice march aims to relearn and broadcast the valuable lessons of the Stonewall movement not only to honor our elders, but to change the brutal world we live in today.

This year we would like to carry on the tradition of last year’s Pride Without Prejudice, with more voices from those in our community who would’ve been silenced otherwise.

Speakers & more will be announced closer to the date!

Wake Up, Silverstein!

June 16, 2021 - 4 PM

2949 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60659

Supporting Organizations: Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression

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On Friday June 18th, the Chicago City Council Public Safety Committee will make one of the most important decisions in its history!

The choice before the Committee is clear:

Vote to support the decades-old demand for a democratic police accountability commission in Chicago


Give in to the Mayor and continue the status quo, in which communities have no democratic power to determine what public safety looks like.

The Empowering Communities for Public Safety (ECPS) ordinance, will create an elected commission with power over Chicago Police Department policy and investigations of police misconduct.

The Drag March For Change 2021

June 13, 2021 - 12:30 PM

Belmont Avenue and Halsted Street, Chicago, IL

Supporting Organizations: Chicago Black Drag Council

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The continued attack on the Black community and specifically Black trans lives still persists and has expanded to peoples of all races despite the efforts of so many. Again the drag community of Chicago must use their heels to step out and step up against this oppression.

“You have the right to show your color, darling!”

Join Drag Queens, Kings, and everyone in between as they lead a peaceful protest march in support of Black Lives Matter and demand justice for victims of police brutality and excessive force through the Boystown community in Lakeview Chicago with gathering beginning at 12:30 pm at Belmont and Halsted with the march beginning at 1:00 pm and ending at Halsted and Grace where drag community leaders will speak on the issues of today, the mission at hand, and ways to create and promote lasting impactful change for a better future for all. #AllBlackLivesMatter

-This is a peaceful protest
-You do not need to be in Drag to attend (allies are welcome)
-PPE (Masks) are very much encouraged
-If you would like to help please reach please fill out this



The demands of our last action were not met in full so we restate and escalate them and keep the feet of our oppressors to the fire:
We Demand:
-Justice* for Tony McDade
-Justice* for Breonna Taylor
-Justice* for George Floyd
-That the Chicago City Council defund CPD by 75% and reinvest those funds into social services and community programs
-That police be banned from marching in Pride festivities indefinitely
-Immediate release of all protesters from previous BLM actions

*Justice being the abolishment of the system that took these lives and that restorative systems grow in their stead.

Dida Ritz: The Legs of Halsted and of RBDR fame

The Vixen: Activist and of RBDR fame

LaSaia Wade Wade: Founder and Executive Director of Brave Space

AllianceLucy Stoole: Chicago Black Drag Council Head Co-chair Member of the Molasses Collective the Chicago Reader’s Drag Queen of Year

Lynzo The Heartthrob // Chicaghoes For Sex Work: Activist and Community Organizer

Cae Monae: Member of the Molasses Collective and Performance Artist

Prince Nikki: Chicago Black Drag Council Cofounder and Brave Space
Alliance Mutual Aid Coordinator

Irregular Gurl: Television Personality, Producer and Host

Aunty Chan: Activist and Internet Personality Abhijeet: Activist and Performance Artist Celebration

Performances by:
KC Ortiz: Chicago based Acclaimed Rap Artist
O’laysia: National Entertainer
Rachel Slurrz: Drag ArtistList of Endorsers coming soon.

For this to be successful, it is very important that everyone stay on message, peaceful, and deescalate any situation.

Also please wear your face masks (if you produce them please bring some for others), and please bring hand sanitizer.

19th Ward Youth Day of Action

June 12, 2021 - 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Beverly Park, 2460 W. 102nd St., Chicago, IL 60655

Supporting Organizations: Students Strike Back, Good Kids Mad City, Pilsen Alliance, Social Service Workers United, Chicago DSA, and 48th Ward Neighbors for Justice

Visit Organizers' Event Webpage for Most Up-To-Date Info

Come to Beverly Park on Saturday, June 12th for a Youth Day of Action to demand that Alderman Matt O’Shea listen to the Black and brown youth in his ward! There will be a rally at 1pm with speakers from organizations such as Students Strike Back and Good Kids Mad City followed by a march to pressure O’Shea to support the Empowering Communities for Public Safety (ECPS) ordinance and to become a co-sponsor of Treatment Not Trauma. We’ll then return to the park for a picnic and teach-ins by the youth!

Anniversary of the Murder of George Floyd | Art Build + Action

May 29, 2021 - 1 PM

Michigan Ave. & East Ida B. Wells, Chicago, IL

Supporting Organizations: @wearedissenters , @copsoffearth, @carenotcops, @letusbreathe773 @airgoradio , @believersbailout, @chinationsyouthcouncil , @grassrootscollaborative International Marxist-Humanist Organization Chicago, Love and Protect, People's Response Network, @soapboxpo Productions and Organizing, @chicagodsa, @chicagodesiyouthrising , @sswuchicago , @pilsenalliance , @rampantmagazine, @surjchicago @justicememorials, and @byp100

Visit Organizers' Event Webpage for Most Up-To-Date Info

Join us at the #DefundCPD art build and rally on Saturday May 29th at 1pm to mark the one year anniversary of George Floyd and the summer of uprisings that followed. We will memorialize the Black, Brown, and Trans people who lost their lives to police violence this past year, and kick off another season of fighting for liberation and a world without police.

Feel free to bring candles, flowers, and art. Opportunities to make art will also be available day-of. We welcome you to use this space to remember loved ones you lost.

The rally is sponsored by @wearedissenters , @copsoffearth, @carenotcops, @letusbreathe773 @airgoradio , @believersbailout, @chinationsyouthcouncil , @grassrootscollaborative International Marxist-Humanist Organization Chicago, Love and Protect, People’s Response Network, @soapboxpo Productions and Organizing, @chicagodsa, @chicagodesiyouthrising , @sswuchicago , @pilsenalliance , @rampantmagazine, @surjchicago @justicememorials, and @byp100

DM for Accessibility information/questions

#defundcpd #georgefloyd #abolishthepolice #defundpolice #defundthepolice #abolishpolice #abolitionnow #blacklivesmatter #wewillwin #ivelievethatwewillwin #decolonizezhigaagoong #freethemall #abolishcpd #fuck12 #1312 #outofyourhouseandintothestreets #honorthedeadfightlikehellfortheliving #sayhername #sayhisnamegeorgefloyd #reimaginesafety #saytheirnames #allblacklivesmatter #artbuild #protestart

Show Love for Reproductive Health Care!

May 26, 2021 - 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Hollywood and Broadway, Chicago, IL

Supporting Organizations: Chicago Feminist Action and Chicago for Abortion Rights

Visit Organizers' Event Webpage for Most Up-To-Date Info

From the Supreme Court to clinic doors, abortion rights are under attack. Right here in Edgewater, health care providers and patients have been targeted by violent vandalism.

We need vocal, visible action to defend our control of our own lives, bodies, and rights. Join a community show of support for abortion providers, patients, and all people seeking to access to gender-affirming, reproductive, and affordable health care.

Bring your signs and get ready to chalk your messages of love and support!

We Keep Us Safe!

Chicago, Rise up for Palestine! Rally & March

May 21, 2021 - 4:30 PM

Michigan Ave and Ida B Wells Drive, Chicago, IL

Supporting Organizations: Coalition for Justice in Palestine

Visit Organizers' Event Webpage for Most Up-To-Date Info

CJP is calling for an emergency rally this Sunday against Israel’s escalated violence in Gaza and Jerusalem. This wave of violence that is being unleashed on #AlAqsa #SheikhJarrah #Silwan and #Gaza is not new, it is a part of a long and brutal occupation by zionist forces that seeks to terriorize and displace the indigenous Palestinian population. We must take a stand. Join the Coalition for Justice in Palestine Chicago THIS Sunday, May 16th at 1pm at Michigan & Ida B Wells dr. Say NO to Israeli violence! See you there!

There will be three buses leaving from the Mosque Foundation. More details to come.

The Coalition for Justice in Palestine is made up of American Muslims for Palestine-Chicago, United States Palestinian Community Network (UCPSN), Students for Justice in Palestine- Chicago (SJP), Al-Nahda, Palestinian American Community Center, and Palestinian American Council


Marchemos en Chicago por Colombia

May 8, 2021 - 4 PM

Colombian Consulate, 500 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

Supporting Organizations: Chicago Afrosocialist + Socialists of Color Caucus

Visit Organizers' Event Webpage for Most Up-To-Date Info

Los Colombianos en Chicago junto con Afrosoc Chicago invitan a que marchemos Pacíficamente por Colombia!

Este Sábado 8 de Mayo, nos encontraremos en Chicago para seguir estos puntos claves del mapa:

*Los Colombianos en Chicago with Chicago AfroSOC invite you to march peacefully to support Colombia!!!

This Saturday May 8th we will meet in Chicago and march to the following key places:
1) Consulado de Colombia 4-4:20pm
2) Tribune Tower 4:30pm
3) Univisión 4:45pm
4) NBC 5pm
5) The Bean 5:20pm
6) Chicago Theater 5:40
7) End at The Thompson Center
Human Rights Department. 6pm

At 6pm at The Thompson Center a plantón will start to pray and honor Colombia and the people who have lost their lives in the protests in Colombia.

*We will attend with candles and white t-shirts or t-shirts from the selección Colombia.

-No al intento de “reformar” la reforma tributaria
-No a la reforma de salud
-No a la reforma de pension
-No a la reforma Laboral
-Un alto al fuego por parte del ESMAD y la policía nacional.
Nos están matando!!!!
-No a poner al país en estado de conmoción interior.
-No a la campaña llevada por los medios de comunicación colombianos, que instiga el miedo, la injusticia y la desinformación.