December 1, 2021 - 5 PM - 6:30 PM

Federal Plaza, Adams and Dearborn, Chicago, IL

Supporting Organizations: Chicago For Abortion Rights, Chicago NOW, The Clinic Vest Project, Gay Liberation Network, Illinois Choice Action Team, Illinois Single Payer Coalition, North and Northwest Suburban IL NOW

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Demand the U.S. Supreme Court hears OUR oral arguments on the day it will hear oral arguments in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the Mississippi 15-week abortion ban that seeks to overturn Roe v Wade.

Polls show that the overwhelming majority of Americans do not want Roe overturned.

In collaboration with the National Abortion Action Coalition, the Center for Reproductive Rights, whose attorneys are arguing the case before the Supreme Court, will be holding an “Abortion is Essential: Rally for Our Rights” outside the U.S. Supreme Court on the morning of December 1. There will also be an Abortion Freedom Fighters event in Jackson, Mississippi, a collaboration involving SHERO (Sisters Helping Every woman Rise and Organize,) Mississippi in Action, and Planned Parenthood Southeast. More details to come.

In Chicago: Rally for Abortion Rights: Defend Roe!
Defend safe, legal, and accessible abortions!
All bans off our bodies!

Joining Chicago For Abortion Rights,
Co-sponsors include:
Chicago NOW
The Clinic Vest Project
Gay Liberation Network
Illinois Choice Action Team
Illinois Single Payer Coalition
North and Northwest Suburban IL NOW
(List of co-sponsors is in formation.)

It’s time the U.S. Supreme Court justices heed the voice of the majority in this country. We demand an end to all abortion bans and all restrictions on access to abortion. We demand that Roe be upheld! All bans that come before the Court must be struck down, blocked, whatever it takes to save lives. It is time to end the suffering of those being denied abortions and end the bounties on the heads of those who provide abortions or assist those seeking an abortion. These are real lives and livelihoods, with the poorest, low income, people of color and those without health insurance paying the highest price. We demand justice!

Add your voice! Bring family, friends, signs and banners.
Dress warmly, bring gloves, and wear a mask for COVID safety!