No Fascists in Chicago!

September 18, 2021 - 12 PM - 3 PM

Michigan & Monroe, Chicago, IL

Supporting Organizations: Chicago Democratic Socialists of America

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Upcoming ANTIFASCIST COUNTERDEMO this Saturday the 18th from 12-3pm.The Proud Boys & co are holding a rally near Millennium Park in support of the Jan 6th DC capitol rioters.

The CDSA Antifascist Working Group, PSL, and others are staging a counter-demo. Please bring noisemakers and bikes!

We’re gonna try and out-shout and out-propagandize the fash.
We will be bringing some antifascist lit to distribute. Our intention is not to do direct confrontation with the fascists, and to try to avoid physical confrontation if possible.

But to be prepared to stick together and move together if necessary. We are trying to get the word out about this as much as possible so that we can have strength in numbers!
Please share this flyer widely on social media.

See you there!