Pride Without Prejudice 2021!

June 27, 2021 - 12 PM

Belmont CTA Station (Belmont & Sheffield), Chicago, IL

Supporting Organizations: Communities Against Deportations, Life Is Work and 7 others (see organizer page)

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The cancellation of last year’s “Pride Parade” gave several Queer community members the opportunity to replace that vapid, corporation-drenched spectacle with a truly community-driven event & we did it with “Pride Without Prejudice”. A march that celebrated the best traditions of the Stonewall Rebellion which rebirthed our movement.

Rather than a parade, with most people passively viewing from the sidelines, we will have a participatory march that centers Black and Brown Queer & Trans voices, who are so often shunted to the side. This march will celebrate the best traditions of the Stonewall Rebellion, which rebirthed our movement.

We will unapologetically highlight issues of racism, police violence, and the obscene amount of money spent on a militarized police, and a military which polices the world. In so doing, we will be honoring the rich, but largely forgotten, history of the Stonewall Rebellion and the movement that followed it.

Like today’s #BlackLivesMatter movement and its demand to defund the police, the post-Stonewall movement recognized that resources spent on repression at home and military domination abroad kill our people and deprive our communities of desperately needed resources.

This is a PEACEFUL MARCH/PROTEST! We are not here to entice violence, we are here to make all our voices heard!

-PPE (Masks) are very much encouraged
-If you would like to help please reach please the link below

Our goal is to reclaim Pride from white profiteers and huge corporations and return it to the people, especially our black community and our demands for change are as follows:

–Refocus and remember that Pride began with Black, Brown Queer & Trans lives.
–Bars and events to not only include, but showcase and feature the black, brown, trans, femme, lesbian, non-binary and all other underrepresented communities on all promotions and advertisements for without these communities we would not have any of the achievements we have today.
–Defund the Police, Remove them from all queer community activities, use those funds towards our most marginalized communities, and redistribute that wealth into organizations providing to these communities in need.
— Decriminalize sex work and demand justice for our brothers and sister lives who have been murdered.

Our 2021 Pride Without Prejudice march aims to relearn and broadcast the valuable lessons of the Stonewall movement not only to honor our elders, but to change the brutal world we live in today.

This year we would like to carry on the tradition of last year’s Pride Without Prejudice, with more voices from those in our community who would’ve been silenced otherwise.

Speakers & more will be announced closer to the date!