No Fascist Court, No Fascist Coup – Trump Pence #OutNOW

October 15, 2020 - 4 PM

Federal Plaza, 219 S. Dearborn, Chicago, IL

Supporting Organizations: Refuse Fascism Chicago Chapter, No More Foundation, Freedom First International, Degenerate Artists Against Fascism, Revolution Club Chicago

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On Thursday, we will be part of nationwide protests demanding NO Fascist Court! NO Fascist Coup!

The Republifascist Party is barreling ahead with Amy Coney Barrett’s installation on the Supreme Court, to solidify the Christian fascist majority that will gut the rights of LGBTQ people, women, Black and Brown people, immigrants and all who do not fit their Make America White Again agenda. Trump has openly declared he wants his pick on the Supreme Court before the election so he’ll get a rubber stamp on a second term regardless of the vote count that they are actively suppressing.

Join us at 4 pm at Federal Plaza to share your stories of the devastation this fascist agenda is already causing and the horrors to come if they are allowed to consolidate their rule, from the loss of health care for millions, the loss of a woman’s right to control her body, LGBTQ people forced back in the closet and more!