#StrikeDontStarve IL

September 30, 2020 - 11 AM – 1 PM

The Capital Grille, 633 N St. Clair St., Chicago, IL

Supporting Organizations: Illinois Service Workers United for Power and Service Workers United For Power

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On September 30th, One Fair Wage is organizing hundreds of tipped workers in four cities (New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago and Washington DC) to #StrikeNotStarve, calling for an end to the subminimum wage as restaurants begin to reopen indoor dining. COVID-19 has revealed just how broken the system is for tipped workers. Millions lack work and are struggling to make ends meet. For those who have a job, the tips they rely on to make a decent wage are way down. That means they are putting their health, and sometimes their lives, at risk while working for a subminimum wage.

Momentum is growing to end the subminimum wage for tipped workers. The two-tiered wage system in the restaurant industry harkens back to the Jim Crow era, when white restaurant owners refused to pay newly freed Black workers, and instead designed a rigged system for them to survive off of tips alone. Seven states have already adopted One Fair Wage—a full, fair minimum wage with tips on top—and momentum is building at the national level, too. Unfortunately, there has been strong opposition to the idea from the National Restaurant Association and its powerful allies, such as Darden Restaurants Inc. (The Capital Grille, Longhorn Steakhouse and Olive Garden). While many tipped workers are employed at independent restaurants, the majority work at National chain restaurants that have the resources to pay workers (especially during this crisis) — yet choose to pay their corporate executives MILLIONS instead. If tipped workers are going to survive, we’re going to have to show our power both in the streets and at the ballot box.

That’s why on Wednesday, September 30th, tipped workers are going on a one-day strike to fight for One Fair Wage. This fight is critical to so many workers, especially Black and Brown workers who have been hit hardest by the pandemic. Tipped workers are essential workers. Can you join us to demand that tipped workers are given the support they need?


1. Paid sick leave, PPE, and One Fair Wage before we return to work.

2. Guarantee $600 of renewable unemployment insurance for every applicant in the state until it is safe to return to work.

3. Enact a paycheck guarantee for all of our state’s workers for the duration of this crisis.

Sign up to STRIKE: https://www.fightdontstarve.com/strike
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