September 23, 2020 - 6 PM - 8 PM

Chicago Police Dept., 35th and Michigan, Chicago, IL

Supporting Organizations: Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression

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Breonna’s life MATTERED. Three police officers stole her life and were NOT held accountable for this injustice. This decision is an insult to her family and her community. We are OUTRAGED that Breonna’s killer will be allowed to walk free.

The refusal of Kentucky Attorney General to indict and prosecute Brett Hankison, the Louisville police officer murdered Breonna Taylor in her bed along with the two other cops who broke down her door is meant to serve notice on Black and Brown people everywhere in the United States that they are not safe from police murderers, not even in their own homes.

This is not a legal question. This refusal to act by the Kentucky AG only underscores that the laws are written to enable the cover-up of police crimes. It is clear – under the current administration in Washington and its licensing of police and vigilante violence against Black and Brown people no one is safe. Less than a month ago Chicago Police murdered Miquel Vega on the West Side.

We’ve been demanding defunding the police and #CPACNow because these killer cops will NEVER hold themselves accountable. We need community control of the police to end police impunity.

Join us tonight at 6pm at 35th and Michigan!