Stripper Strike Chicago

September 5, 2020 - 4:00 PM

Petrillo Music Shell, 235 S Columbus Drive, Chicago, IL

Supporting Organizations: Haymarket Pole Collective Chicago, Black Lives Matter Chicago, Brave Space Alliance, Greater Chicago IWW, Labor Branch - Chicago DSA, Howard Brown Health

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NOTE FROM ORGANIZERS: Hello all! We will be meeting at Millennium Park to march to Petrillo Music Shell. Route updates will be given day of. Thank you!

NOTE FROM THIS SITE: Please remember to check to organizer’s site (linked) for most current information.

Stripper Strike Chicago is a preparative, responsive action of Chicago’s chapter of Haymarket Pole Collective to advocate for provocative policy and equitable treatment of BIPOC workers in the adult entertainment industry. After months of outreach to Chicagoland strip clubs and elected officials in the neighborhoods they reside, Black, Brown, and Indigenous strippers and sex workers alike say no more. We have demanded the compliance of federal and state laws including, but not limited to, 775 ILCS 5/1-101 and Public Act 101-0221 (formerly known as SB 75) of all Chicagoland strip clubs to enforce proactive and protective policies for BIPOC community in the workplace.

Time and time again, strip club owners and managers have failed us and upheld committed acts of racial violence to maintain the status quo of white supremacy and white male patriarchy. We understand that all forms of white supremacy include fatphobia, whorepobia, transphobia, homophobia, colorism, elitism, sexism, ableism, anti-semitism, and we include those parties in our mission to eradicate such chains of oppression to facilitate safe spaces for us all to coexist. Though the glamorization of strip clubs has originated from black culture, establishments refuse to create a safe space for black entertainers. Discrimination and other acts of racial violence are extraordinary and vary from the refusal to hire black dancers, to the policing of our appearance and musical preference, and even maintaining a quota of how many black dancers can work in a night.

Our demands are simple:

1. Company Culture Accountability – Include transparent, forward facing policies and procedure(s) for ongoing cultural sensitivity training, including but not limited to race and sexual assault awareness.

-Disclose these policies and procedures in all dancers Independent Contractor agreements.
-Disclose these policies and procedures in all employee agreements.
-Clearly post signs listing the policies & procedures for ongoing cultural sensitivity training, including but not limited to race and sexual assault awareness, posted throughout the establishment/physical premises.
-Clearly post any and all trainings done with accredited organizations in cultural sensitivity training including but not limited to race and sexual assault awareness.
-All contractors will receive a copy of their contract at the time of signing.

2. Require ALL staff to read the provided literature and/or attend listening sessions and provide restorative justice to those impacted.

3.Consider equal shifts for equal work and due diligence to booking shifts with regional population statistics in mind.

4. Maintain compliance with Illinois laws such as SB 75, Public Act 101-0221 in regards to due diligence towards removing discriminatory practices and preventing further non-compliance by the December enactment of this law

Haymarket Pole Collective of Chicago is dedicated to create initiatives surrounding the decriminalization of sex work because we understand that the criminalization of such labor is a racial issue in itself. It is our duty as strippers, who have legalized work, to advocate for full service sex workers because one of the only difference between us is that we clock in. Sex work is the umbrella, and we must make it our mission to elevate those who are the most marginalized. Amplify those voices, give them the mic.

Black liberation includes all black lives. Black liberation includes black strippers, black sex workers, and ALL black women, and that should always include black trans women.

We call all strippers, sex workers, and allies to join us September 5th at Petrillo Music Hall for a march/rally. We plan to meet at Millennium Park to march over to 235 S Columbus Dr. Route details will be provided via social media in the days leading to event.