Defund UCPD Rally

August 29, 2020 - 3:30 PM - 6:30 PM

59th and University, Chicago, IL

Supporting Organizations: Students Working Against Prisons and UChicago United

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*Defund UCPD, Fund Communities!*As the University of Chicago clings to their “core values” of “diversity and inclusion,” they continue to operate one of the largest private police forces in the nation, a police force that continues to surveil and inflict violence upon those it purports to protect. This summer, #CareNotCops occupied UCPD headquarters with four demands: to disarm, disclose the budget of, defund by 50%, and ultimately abolish the UCPD. Following this action, our call for a public, transparent meeting with UChicago administrators to discuss and implement these demands was met with silence. Join us as three UChicago United Campaigns– #EthnicStudiesNow, #CulturalCenters, and #CareNotCops– stand together to boldly demand a future without police on or off campus and where resources and power belong to our community.
Safety and general well-being are our priorities. We kindly request that all attendees wear a mask and follow the lead of our organizers. We will be providing some masks and hand sanitizer. Before we start the march, we will introduce our marshals and action leads, who will be available if any issues arise. FULL DEMANDS:
*We demand that the University disarm, disclose the budget of, defund by 50%, and ultimately abolish the UCPD by 2022 *We demand that the resources currently being funneled into policing, surveillance, and harm be redistributed to… -Substantially support students of color by creating well-resourced Cultural Centers that are student-led. -Fund an Ethnic Studies department, centering a decolonial and de-institutionalized approach to knowledge production.