Chicago: Rally to Stop the Eviction Avalanche

August 17, 2020 - 1 PM – 6 PM

Richard J. Daley Center 50 W Washington St, Chicago, IL 60602

Supporting Organizations: Lift The Ban Coalition, Chicago Democratic Socialists of America, SEIU Healthcare IL & IN, Pilsen Alliance, ONE Northside

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Sponsored by Lift the Ban Coalition | Kenwood Oakland Community Organization | Lugenia Burns HOPE Center | Chicago DSA | Lawyer’s Committee for Better Housing | One Northside | Northside Action for Justice | Pilsen Alliance | Chicago Teachers Union | Cook County College Teachers Union| SEIU HCII | AFGE Local 7 | Autonomous Tenants Union | 25th Ward IPO | 33rd Ward Working Families | Autonomous Tenants Union

**At the rally, we will have a major announcement to the press about how we will resist evictions and fight for housing as a human right during this pandemic.**

NBC reports 42% of renters face eviction in Illinois. This will overwhelmingly fall on black and brown folks. This is a crime against working people of a magnitude not seen since the Great Depression. Time to fight back.

The solution is obvious, and protects renters and small landlords alike, if the real estate lobby didn’t own Springfield and City Hall. #CancelRent, #CancelMortgages, and Lift the Ban on Rent Control.

Meanwhile corporate landlords like Pangaea have taken in 5 million in federal grants, and the banks and billionaires who own so much of our city have gotten even more wealthy.