Reopening Schools? Only when it’s Safe! Defund CPD, Tax the Rich to Fund Safe Education: Open Air Meeting

July 30, 2020 - 5 PM – 7 PM

1800 S Damen Ave, Chicago, Chicago, Illinois 60608

Supporting Organizations: Chicago Socialist Alternative

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**We will gather in Harrison Park near the corner of 18th St and Damen Ave today at 5pm. Please wear a mask. Bring a lawnchair or blanket and prepare to socially distance. See you all there!**

Lightfoot and the corporate establishment have announced that schools will reopen in “hybrid” form. Outrageously they claim this can be done safely while being BUDGET NEUTRAL!

This open air meeting was initiated by rank-and-file educators. We think our school communities need to democratically discuss. We should decide if and under what conditions schools re-open. We need to unite as educators, parents, and students and defend each other! Committees should be set up that can make reopening determinations based on clear criteria and fight to Tax the Rich & Lasalle Street to fund safe schools!

If the corporate establishment will not meet our demands and move to create unsafe environments, educators and school communities must shut down reopenings with strike action or non-violent civil disobedience.

— No Layoffs! No cuts! Tax the Rich & Cut CPD by at least 50% to fund education!

— Committees of educators, parents, and students must be set up to decide how schools reopen. If safety requirements are not met educators should have the right to strike.

— No faith in corporate politicians! The Chicago Democratic establishment has attacked our schools for decades. We need a new party beholden to working people!

— Link with public sector unions facing vicious cuts to fight for the working and living conditions we need!

— Access to high quality, free internet!

**This event will be outdoors and require social distancing and mask wearing.