Gone, Too Soon

July 25, 2020 - 2 PM - 4 PM

Parking Lot, 945 W. 69th, Chicago, IL

Supporting Organizations: Gyrls In The Hood, This Is Life

Contact Info: info@gyrlsinthehood.com

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This summer GITH & @thisislifechi will host a series of events designed to pay tribute and honor to the children killed by violence. Our communities are suffering with grief and frustration and we intend to allow residents a healing space to vent, release, and receive help .

On July 25th we will host “Gone, Too Soon” a tribute and candlelight vigil to children murdered in the community. Join us and share your stories, frustrations, through positive expressions. ? There will be professionals onsite to provide grief counseling services.

Interested in being a speaker, media partner, or sponsor? Contact us at info@gyrlsinthehood.com.