Freedom Square Anniversary Rally to #DefundCPD

July 24, 2020 - 4 PM

Homan & Filmore, Chicago, IL

Supporting Organizations: The Let Us Breath Collective, Chi-Nations, Black Abolitionist Network (BAN), Chi Resists, Black Youth Project 100, Black Lives Matter Chicago

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DEFUND CPD • DECOLONIZE ZHIGAAGOONG • DEMAND THE CLOSING OF HOMAN SQUARE | Four years ago, we liberated the vacant lot across from CPD black site Homan Square and held a protest encampment for 41 days. We made art, met survivors, fed hundreds of neighbors daily, and declared it an autonomous zone where we imagined our liberated future without police.

Join us this Friday as the campaign to #DefundCPD celebrates the 4 year anniversary of Freedom Square. Our city and our mayor spend $1.8 billion on police each year, and in return they terrorize our youth and brutalize people to protect property. Meet us at Homan & Fillmore on Friday to imagine a world where we divest from torture, genocide, and slavery and invest in our beautiful future.

Enjoy food, performances, and collective imagination ✨

Sign on to the @blackabolitionistnetwrk Demands to Defund CPD at