Stand in Solidarity with Black Lives

July 20, 2020 - 12 PM

Cermak Health Services, 2800 S California Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60608

Supporting Organizations: SEIU Local 73

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Our strength comes from our ability to join together in a union with people from all walks of life to fight for a better future for our families. That’s why SEIU Local 73 members at Cermak Health Services and Stroger Hospital, in addition to workers in the Fight For $15 and allied unions, justice groups, and more, will rise up for Black Lives on Monday, July 20. The program at Cermak begins at 12PM and the program at Stroger begins at 3:15PM. Speakers include elected officials, union members, allies, and more.

Together, we demand the following:

1. Justice for black communities, with an unequivocal declaration that Black Lives Matter, is a necessary first step to winning justice for all workers. To win higher wages, better jobs, and unions for all, we must ensure that black workers can build economic power.

2. Elected officials and candidates at every level must use their executive, legislative, and regulatory authority to begin to rewrite the rules and re-imagine our economy and democracy so that communities of every race can thrive.

3. Corporations must take immediate action to dismantle racism, white supremacy, and economic exploitation wherever it exists, including in our workplaces.

4. Every worker must have the opportunity to form a union, no matter where they work.