The Elijah Movement

July 18, 2020 - 12 PM – 3 PM

Columbus Park - Chicago Park District, 500 S. Central Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60644

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… Let the momentum continue.

We invite you to come together over the life and murder of young Elijah McClain through artistic expression, marching and most importantly the voices of our community youth. Throughout the march, we will be stopping periodically to listen to the stories of youth residents who have been stopped, frisked, abused and/or detained by the police force. Please help us honor Elijah McClain while also putting forth the voices that continue to lead us further into the revolution. We strive for this peaceful event to serve as an opportunity for our community to unite in the honor of Elijah McClain, lift youth voices & to continue the momentum of bringing humans together over the issue of police brutality.

**This event’s route will be fully released shortly prior to the event to maintain as much isolation from the police as possible.



L stop near starting point:
Austin Blue Line Stop – 4 min walk
Central Green Line Stop – 15 min walk

L stop near finishing point:
Ridgeland Green Line Stop – 5 min walk

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