July 4th – All In – All Together – One Day

July 4, 2020 - 2 pm to 6 pm

Your Neighborhood

Supporting Organizations: Other

Contact Info: 1millionofusblm@gmail.com

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On July 4th we are asking community leaders/organizers/activists to urge their communities to get together in their neighborhoods to support the movement to end systemic racism and end police brutality.

We have seen so many protests across Chicago. We all are fighting for the same things, for this movement to continue, for equality, for justice and unity, to end systemic racism and police brutality.
Power in Numbers is real and the reason we urge all the organizers to organize in their neighborhoods on one day that we are All In – All Together.

During the Pandemic, we understand that many cannot join the protests but we do encourage everyone that believes in justice, equality and humanity to join/participate from their safe/comfort zones: balconies, rooftops, sidewalks, windows, back yards – to support and stand together in all neighborhoods across Chicago.

Will You Stand with Us?
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Any questions, please email: 1millionofusblm@gmail.com