No to racist symbols rally

June 26, 2020 - 4 PM

Christopher Columbus (Grant Park), S Columbus Dr (Grant Park), Chicago, Illinois 60605

Supporting Organizations: Pilsen-Humboldt Park Anti-Gentrification Group, Chicago Cultural Alliance, Chicago Activist Coalition For Justice, American Indian Center - Chicago, ChiResists, International Indigenous Youth Council - Chicago Chapter, Anthony V. Clark

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We demand that Lori Lightfoot take down ALL symbols of hatred, racism and oppression!

Lori Lightfoot recently showed her support for keeping statues of the murderer, oppressive, sexual deviant, Christopher Columbus erected throughout the city. We want to demand that she takes them down along with all other monuments that support those who have caused genocide, enslavement and other types of oppressive actions to the people of this country.

We ask our brothers and sisters from the BLM movement, our indigenous communities, our allies, our LGBTQ+ fam, CPAC, and everyone else under the sun to come out and support taking down these symbols of hate.

These statues aren’t there for historic remembrance, these monuments aren’t there for pride; these symbols are there to serve as a slap in the face to everyone fighting for and demanding change. We love our brothers and sisters who have Italian heritage, this is not a strike against you; this is a stance against someone who murdered, enslaved, and oppressed thousands of people and stole their land.

These monuments and statues are of people that serve as the root, the seeds of systemic oppression in our country AND WE WILL NOT HAVE IT HERE IN OUR WONDERFUL CITY.

We demand that Lori Lightfoot take down the statue! We demand that Lori Lightfoot take down ALL the statues that preserve a history of people who believed in white supremacy and oppression of marginalized groups. We demand that Lori Lightfoot take a page out of other cities who have taken down the statues voluntarily. We demand that Lori Lightfoot take a stance against symbols of hate.

United always. In solidarity.