Sibley Strong- March/Car Caravan for ALL BLACK LIVES

June 23, 2020 - 4 PM - 7 PM

149 N Ashland, Harvey, IL

Supporting Organizations: None

Contact Info:

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Please Bring a face Covering! (Mask, Scarf, Bandana Just something covering your face)
Lets shut down Sibley to make our voice Heard!

We are protesting Police Brutality and the unjust treatment of POC, Not only in the Chicago Area, but Nationwide. We are Marching for not only Equity and Equality in Our Schools, but also in our Justice and Employment System.

Chicago’s Southside is hit heavy with Gun violence due to our poor resources and the fact that Young people can’t even rely on Adult figures in our communities, because they are instead jailed wrongfully. We DEMAND Reconstruction of our Education Systems, Students should never feel that their school is “The ghetto poor school” Compared to their majority white counterparts. We DEMAND Reconstruction of the justice and Educational systems and for the police to be Defunded. We DEMAND That abandoned buildings be rebuilt into Rec centers or YMCA’s or Libraries For Us YOUTH of Chicago’s Southside. We are tired of our voices being overlooked heard by the system because they view us as a “lost cause”, WE DEMAND JUSTICE AND WE WANT IT NOW.

Extra Info: Throughout the protest, Protestors can give speeches for the community, Do some Poetry, Or lead the chants!! You may bring supplies, posters, Store bought food, and anything that can help the communities­čśî

Starting Point: 149 N Ashland, Harvey, IL

Ending Point: 612 Wentworth Ave, Calumet City, IL