Walk the Walk

June 13, 2020 - 12:00 PM – 2:01 PM

U.S. Bank (7162 - Oak Park, IL), 11 Madison St, Oak Park, Illinois 60302

Contact Info: volunteerwalkthewalk@gmail.com OR 7085061361

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Are you restless for more opportunities to show solidarity in your community? Please join us for a peaceful march to spread love and take action through the Austin community.

I was prompted to take action after observing marches held across the world in solidarity for black people’s lives and noticed the disconnect between blacks in attendance. I’m calling for transparency and accountability from our white neighbors to walk through the disenfranchised and oppressed communities that have been plague by police brutality. Together, we will walk bravely and show the Austin and Garfield Park Communities that actions speak louder than words. Let’s hold each other accountable for REAL CHANGE! – Damien (co-host)

– Before the walk we will share a moment in silence for all the fallen victims of police brutality.

– We will move through the community, pausing for moments of motivational expression from a few key speakers.

– We plan to conclude with a community potluck, various performances and plenty of jams to keep those positive, revolutionary vibes going for as long as we can.

– Youth are absolutely encouraged to attend!

“It is not words of our enemies that we will remember but it is the silence of our friends” – MLK