Unite for Justice and Peace

June 10, 2020 - 8:46-9:55

Chicago Metro Sidewalks

Supporting Organizations: Chicago Unite at Night

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At 8:46 PM sharp, line the sidewalks outside our homes, with candles and/or signs, for 9 minutes (8 minutes and 46 seconds to be exact) for a peaceful demonstration for Justice and Peace.

This is an opportunity for neighborhoods to show support and solidarity and for those who would like to show solidarity with the black community but unable to march in protests throughout the city.

Please share with friends, neighbors, neighborhood forums, and building management.

**Please respect social distancing and/or wear masks**
George Floyd was brutally killed in Minneapolis by a Police Officer when his neck was knelt on for almost 9 minutes (eight minutes and 46 seconds to be exact). Let’s not let his death go in vain, let’s stand in solidarity with our black friends, neighbors, fellow Chicagoans, and fellow Americans to ensure they attain the justice and peace they have long fought for.

All lives can’t matter, unless, and until #BlackLivesMatter #HisNameIsGeorgeFloyd #StrongerTogether #SayTheirNames