Say Her Name: Breonna Taylor

June 5, 2020 - 2 PM – 6 PM

The Riviera Theatre, 4746 N Racine Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60640

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June 5th 2020, Breonna Taylor would’ve turned 26.

Breonna Taylor was a exceptional EMT worker, her job was to show up and make sure people were taken care of, so why haven’t we done the same for her? This day is going to be to collectively mourn, support, and celebrate Breonna Taylor. Her and black womxn everywhere.

Far too often, Black Womxn are the ones leading these movements for change, demanding justice and equality, but are easily forgotten when it’s time for us to be represented.

Too often, black womxn are loved in the shadows instead of outloud. Too many times, we are seen as the blueprint for culture, movements, humanity itself, and yet, we are not respected. We are discarded and forgotten and our cries are ignored. This narrative needs to change. We deserve to be seen, heard and loved, consistently & unconditionally

Please note; We’re peacefully protesting and not enticing violence during this march. We will be LOUD! We will be giving Breonna the attention she deserves on her birthday!! We will be demanding justice for her and to bring her killers to jail!!

Along with our being peaceful, we will also use this time to act. As a collective, there are several ways to bring Breonna justice. We will participate in doing that this & every day for the black womxn we see around us, know & love.

We will be organizing at the circular art piece next to The Riviera at 1:30PM and making our way down @ 2PM~ Please be sure to walk with a buddy and keep a mask on you face too!

We will have volunteers passing out snacks, hand sanitizer, water and other supplies too.

If you want to volunteer to assist as liaison for when we turn street/corners or supply providers, please contact host via DM