May 31, 2020 - 2 PM

47th & MLK Drive (Bronzeville)

Visit Organizers' Event Webpage for Most Up-To-Date Info

(NOTE From The Protest Chicago Team ~ this was a community submitted event. It is hosted by individuals (listed on the Facebook link) not a recognized organization. However, once again, due to extraordinary circumstances, we are making an exception and posting. No virtual co-event, but this event is requesting that everyone actively protect themselves and others from COVID-19.)

CHICAGO- This is for us. All of us. On Sunday, we march and we DEMAND that the police be held ACCOUNTABLE for their F*CKED UP actions. SIMPLE. We are demanding that CPAC (Civilian Police Accountability Council) actually DOES what it is intended to do- that is, provides people with equal say in the policing that occurs in their communities. Police will no longer be autonomous, violent agents of the state.

Exact location released the day of- We will be marching near the lakefront on the south side and will finish by occupying a spot on the beach.

WE WILL BE HANDING OUT SO MANY GLOVES AND MASKS IT’S UNREAL BUT ALSO BRING YOUR OWN IF YOU HAVE SOME, as well as hand sanitizer. Try to maintain your some distance from others where possible (we understand it is not always possible).

We need to you SHARE this with your neighbors and friends. We need you to CALL your loved ones and tell them to come out. WE NEED PEOPLE.