March Hyde Park Rent Control Action

March 6, 2020 - 2 PM - 4 PM

Nichols Park, 1355 E 53rd St, Chicago, Illinois 60615

Supporting Organizations: Lift The Ban Coalition, Chicago Democratic Socialists of America, Chicago Teachers Union, ONE Northside, Jane Addams Senior Caucus, Alderwoman Jeanette B. Taylor 20th ward, South Side Chicago DSA

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TAKE CONTROL BACK. RENT CONTROL NOW. There are over 19,000 kids in our schools homeless. Over 86,000 homeless in the city as a whole. To say nothing of half of renters across Chicago that are paying more than 30% of their income in rent. If we want action, we must come together and fight for it.

Are you just going to sit there while our elected leaders do nothing to help? We sure aren’t, and we welcome you to join us! We must take action. We must let them know that this isn’t right and that we must LIFT THE BAN on rent control. These are OUR homes and we’ll take to OUR streets to demand action by our elected officials to LIFT THE BAN and then enact smart, modern rent control that will ensure that people can plan for their rent increases, not get evicted or gentrified out of their homes, and save the state much needed money in subsidizing homes for the most affected by out of control developer rent increases.

Rent control will save lives, and we are coming together at the Nichols Park Fieldhouse at the corner of 53rd and Kenwood at 2pm on March 6th to march and take action on the issue. We will be traveling within a few short blocks on sidewalks that should be clear and wide enough for mobility purposes. We encourage signs to show your support, and we will be leading chants in support of rent control.

Everyone needs a home, and we made it a human right in 1947. Every social study has shown that providing people with safe, clean, accessible, affordable housing leads to better societal outcomes. People depend on their homes for their health, access to good jobs, a good education for their kids, the stability of their mental health, and so much more.

Rent control works. Rent control is the way to keep the problem from getting worse and to allow people to start to catch a breath from developers that care more about profits than people. Every industry needs reasonable regulation, and anyone that tells you otherwise is literally selling you something. If you want to learn more, you can go to for information and updates. There are canvassing, phone banking, and other opportunities to come in the weeks and months ahead as well.



Q: How far is the walk?
A: Less than 1/2 mile.

Q: How long will people be outside?
A: Up to 2 hours.

Q: Will there be captioning? Will there be accommodations for deaf/hard-of-hearing participants?
A: Captioning is unavailable due to being an outdoors event. ASL interpretation will be available.

Q: What are the weather cutoffs for cancellation?
A: The action will proceed, even if the weather isn’t ideal, unless
weather conditions are severe enough (heavy snow, extreme cold, etc.) as to close schools for the day. We strongly encourage you to take care of your personal health needs where weather conditions are concerned (as well as in general!), and the rest of us will march on, few or many, on behalf of us all if at all possible.

Q: Is the path one that is reliably clear?
A: The path for the march is well-maintained and typically clear of weather and obstacles. Marshals in bright vests will be available for assistance along the route.

Q: What will the noise level be?
A: Expect there to be extensive chanting in a large concentrated crowd. Contact a marshal wearing a bright vest if you need help to stay where you can escape for a break from the noise.

Q: Will the action actually stepping off at the posted time?
A: There will be a short rally to get folks ready to go at 2pm. Step-off will be at 2:15pm. The end of the march will be visible from the starting point of the march should you arrive late. Further schedule details will be made available closer to the action date.