Out NOW Rally to Demand a Trial, Conviction, Removal

January 31, 2020 - 5 pm

1 E. Jackson Boulevard

Supporting Organizations: Refuse Fascism Chicago Chapter, Degenerate Artists Against Fascism

Contact Info: chicago@refusefascism.org

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We will gather 5 pm, at State & Jackson in front of the DePaul Center in the Loop and begin marching at 5:30 pm. It appears almost certain that the Republifascists will push through a vote on witnesses and evidence later today, perhaps in the middle of the night, under cover of darkness. A sham trial is a green light to interfere with elections and ramp up the whole fascist agenda of white supremacy, misogyny, and ecocide and rip down any semblance of the rule of law, separation of powers, etc.

If you couldn’t make it earlier today, NOW is the time to get in the streets. The time is urgent to march to demand a legitimate trial and conviction as we demand the Trump/Pence regime to go #OUTNOW. Quit being a spectator and help create history at this critical moment. Show up now! When it counts!