December Lakeview Rent Control Action

December 20, 2019 - 4 PM - 6 PM

Whole Foods Market, 3201 N Ashland Ave,, Chicago, Illinois 60657

Supporting Organizations: Lift The Ban Coalition, Chicago Democratic Socialists of America, ONE Northside, Jane Addams Senior Caucus

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We are getting ready to show our state leaders that the time is now for rent control. People are being displaced, gentrified out of their neighborhoods, and made to be homeless in these awful weather conditions. Every year we delay, more people end up dead.

If you care about how much of your paycheck is going to rent, join us as we make sure our legislators know we mean to see this change and see it NOW.

Lend your strength to the cause by joining us as we meet at Whole Foods Market at Ashland and Belmont and march to our final action location. We will be travelling within a few short blocks on sidewalks that should be clear for mobility purposes. We encourage signs to show your support, and we will be leading chants in support of rent control.

Lift the Ban has been hard at work to rid Illinois of the statewide ban on rent control put in place by the conservative legislation group, ALEC. But even our Democratic leadership seems to favor developers over people, and they are standing behind the ban. We must demand better from them.

If you want to learn more, you can go to for information and updates. There are canvassing, phone banking, and other oppotunities to come in the weeks and months ahead as well.

All of us deserve a home. Housing is a human right, not a commodity. We must ensure that developers can’t continue to push us out of our homes and neighborhoods by making rents unaffordable.

Make your voice heard today, before the protest, by calling your state representative and senator and demanding that they support HB255 by co-sponsoring the bill and voting YES. You can look up all of your elected officials here:

So much can be done when we STAND TOGETHER. Come join us on the 20th, and we will make sure that our voice is heard.

See the organizer’s post for accessibility FAQ.