WAR is a Bi-Partisan Scandal

October 16, 2019 - 1 PM

Congressman Quigley's office, 3223 N. Sheffield Avenue

Supporting Organizations: Chicago Committee Against War and Racism and Chicago Anti-War Coalition

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Peace and justice advocates rightly criticize Trump for his threats against Iran, support for Israel’s attacks on Palestinians, and support for dictators in countries allied with the U.S.

But Trump’s foreign policy crimes are also mostly endorsed by leading Democrats, including those in the Chicago-area delegation like Congressmen Mike Quigley and Jan Schakowsky.

Those two co-sponsored a profoundly anti-civil libertarian, anti-Palestinian resolution opposing the right of people in this country to publicly advocate boycotting Israel, divesting from that country, or promoting sanctions against it.

As for obscene war spending, the entire Chicago-area Congressional delegation – Democrats all – voted this summer for the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, authorizing record Pentagon funding of $733 billion, an increase of $16 billion over last year’s monstrous war budget.

As for drone bombing, support for the Saudi dictatorship, and oppression of Palestinians, Quigley and Schakowsky were mute when President Obama escalated President Bush’s drone bombings, established record levels of military aid to Israel, and supported the Saudi slaughter in Yemen. But with a Republican in the White House, they now make noises about things going too far.

With this month marking the anniversary of America’s longest-ever war, the U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, we invite you join us in protest at Congressmen Quigley’s and Schakowsky’s Chicago offices. We will start at 1 pm, Wednesday, October 16th at Quigley’s office, 3223 N. Sheffield Avenue. Later the same afternoon we will take the el to protest at Schakowsky’s office, 5533 N. Broadway Avenue.

Sponsored by the Chicago Committee Against War & Racism. For more information, email ChicagoAntiWar@gmail.com