Sound The Alarm: International Rebellion Finale

October 18, 2019 - 4 PM - 5:30 PM

Heritage Green Park, 610 West Adams St, Chicago, Illinois 60661

Supporting Organizations: Extinction Rebellion Chicago

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Join us in Chicago and all over the world as we sound the alarm on the climate crisis. On Oct 7, we made our voices heard more fully than ever before as a group of 300 adults, teens, and children filled Daley Plaza for a regenerative culture fair, which then poured into the surrounding streets of Downtown Chicago with a guerrilla-style non-violent demonstration and celebration of life. With media coverage by all the major media channels in Chicago, we’ve got the attention of the government and mainstream public and it’s time to send our message out loud and clear.

On Oct 18, the final day of the 2-week Fall International Rebellion happening worldwide, we will raise our voices to demand that the City of Chicago tell the truth about the climate crisis, declare a climate emergency, and act now to restore a safe climate and future for our children. Bring your authentic voice, your artistic expression, your instruments, and your love.

To learn more about Extinction Rebellion and this event, feel free to attend one of the two talks that are happening on Oct 13th: