We the People March Chicago Solidarity March

September 21, 2019 - 1 PM - 4 PM

Federal Center and Plaza, 219 S Dearborn St, Chicago, Illinois 60603

Supporting Organizations: Refuse Fascism Chicago, Degenerate Artists Against Fascism, Refuse Fascism

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We are proud to rally and march in Chicago in solidarity with the “We The People March” in Washington, DC, this same date. Everyone with a conscience – join us! – because silence and inaction are complicity!

We are marching to end concentration camps, ICE terror, and ethnic cleansing. No longer can we stomach another migrant child dying, men and women living in degrading conditions lacking basic needs such as medicine and tooth brushes.
To that we say NO MORE!!!
We are marching to end the war on science and our environment. As the Amazon burns and ice melts away in Greenland, scientists who objectively predict catastrophic scenarios of the planet’s future are being pushed out of the federal government.
We say NO MORE!!!
We are marching against the increasing normalization of deadly white supremacy as we see shootings in El Paso and Dayton and Odessa, and white supremacists march with police escorts in liberal “Gomorrahs” like Portland, after the Supreme Court approved a Muslim ban and religious discrimination against LGBTQ people.
We say NO MORE!!
We are marching to demand Trump and Pence must go. Silence and inaction are complicity. IN THE NAME OF HUMANITY WE REFUSE TO ACCEPT A FASCIST AMERICA!!!

If you agree, please join us. Organizations are welcome – encouraged – to endorse, promote, and join us on Sept. 21.
Organizing meetings will be held on Monday, Sept 9, and Monday, Sept 16. Location TBA soon.