Lights For Liberty: West Chicago, IL

January 1, 1970 -

A call to action and a vigil to end the inhumane treatment of human beings in immigrant detention centers, holding cells, and at the southern border of the United States. Every child, woman, and man deserves to be treated humanely and with dignity. The cruelty and inhumane treatment that is being perpetrated against immigrants and assylum seekers is destroying lives and it is harming our country because we claim to espouse the values of Liberty and Justice for ALL.

The cruelty must end. Human beings seeking help and protection do not belong im jails where they are being harmed and dehumanized. Not everyone qualifies for asylum, but they have a right to request it without being punished for trying to avail themselves of help through our own legal process.

An evening with speakers, music, a vigil and call to action. Details tba.

Silence and inaction are not an option if you care about human lives.