MuteRKelly StopRKelly & Stand for Black Women & Girls Protest

January 12, 2019 - 10 AM - 2 PM

219 N Justine St, Chicago, IL 60607-1403

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There is a long history, dating back to slavery of our Black women and girls being hypersexualized, silenced, and targeted by sexual violence, as well as abuse. The stories of Black women and girls are often never heard and when they are, victim blaming and shaming occur.
The plight of our Black women and girls is currently on full display as the #MuteRKelly movement has led to a spike in the artist’s music sales. Apologists and supporters of Robert Kelly are complicit in his attacks and sexual abuse of underage Black girls and women.
As a Black man, I believe it is of the upmost importance that other Black men and all allies of Black women and girls take a stand and put an end to R. Kelly’s reign. We can no longer accept and ignore the plight that many of our women face at the hands of powerful men with influence.
We must continue to apply pressure as the organizers of the #MuteRKelly campaign has in ending R. Kelly’s ability to generate cash and hold property that allow him to carry out and cover up his crimes.

We are asking all who stand against R. Kelly and stand against sexual assault, rape, abuse, pedophilia, & the overall toxic masculinity that promotes such cultures to join us this Saturday @ 10 am in front of R. Kelly’s Chicago studio to send clear messages that he does not represent Chicago and he will no longer be protected in Chicago or anywhere. We also want to demand that the building’s owner (Midwest Commercial Funding) immediately engage in further efforts to break whatever contract is held with R. Kelly as this building has been identified as a location of abuse. Any artist, concert promoter, DJ, influencer etc. also know, that the #MuteRKelly movement will continue and you will be called out for any complicity in his actions!

R. Kelly must be held accountable and needs professional help. But, more importantly the Black women and girls who are victims and survivors of his reign of terror must be believed, supported, and know that we as a commUNITY stand with them in calling for justice!

Let this action be part of greater actions in empowering not only our commUNITY, not only Black women and girls, but all commUNITYs and all women and girls in knowing they are not along and this will not be accepted. We must be purposeful in what we are teaching are next generations that the lives of women, particularly Black women must be valued over talent and money!