Free Gerald Reed Judge to Rule on Police Torture

December 19, 2018 - 10 AM - 1 PM

Cook County Criminal Courthouse 2650 S. California Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60608

Supporting Organizations: Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression

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#FreeGeraldReed On Dec 19th 2018, Judge Gainer who has been presiding over the evidentiary hearing on the torture of Gerald Reed by Chicago police is scheduled to make his ruling. He will be deciding on whether the tortured false confession is to be suppressed and a new trial ordered. 

The Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression calls on all people to join with Gerald Reed’s family and community of supporters to pack the court room. This is a very important day in Gerald Reed’s 28 year fight for freedom and justice, we demand his immediate release. Join us at Dec 19, 10am Cook County Criminal Courthouse (26th and California), room 604 to free Gerald Reed!

Gerald Reed was tortured and forced to falsely confess to a murder he did not commit in October, 1990. He has been in prison for 28 years. 

The Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission voted unanimously six years ago that the evidence showed that Gerald Reed was tortured. It took six years for the actual hearing to commence. There have been endless continuances by the court appointed special prosecutors, who are all attorneys from the O’Rourke & Moody private law firm.

Gerald is one of more than 100 Jon Burge torture survivors who were tortured, wrongfully convicted and who are all still imprisoned. 

Reed was tortured in the CPD 3 Violent Crime Unit. Disgraced Commander Jon Burge supervised CPD Detectives Victor Breska and Michael Kill, who tortured Reed. He was savagely beaten; his femur and a previously inserted metal rod fractured.

There was no material evidence against Reed, only his false confession. He was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole. 

For 27 years Reed has repeatedly requested medical intervention to fix the excruciating painful damage done by his torturers. He has been unable to walk. In 2016 he finally received the first stage of surgery to repair the damage to his femur, his orthopedic surgeon, Dr Steven Rabin, made it clear a second follow-up surgery is necessary.

We demand the immediate release of Gerald Reed. 
We demand that the governor of Illinois grant pardons to all police torture survivors and free those still incarcerated in prison

#FreeGeraldReed #FreePoliceTortureSurvivors