Free the families & close the baby jails #FamiliesBelongTogether

July 28, 2018 - 2:30 PM- 5:30 PM

Washington Square Park (Chicago), 901 N Clark St, Chicago, Illinois 60610

Supporting Organizations: Refuse Fascism Chicago

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The Trump/Pence regime is not complying and not backing down from the cruel “zero tolerance” policy that has ripped children away from their parents and put them in cages. Instead, they are moving to further solidify these cruel policies by indefinitely holding whole families in concentration camps and next, on military bases. This is one piece of a larger white supremacist program which includes the Muslim ban (upheld as permanent by the Supreme Court), repression against immigrant rights leaders and increased ICE raids in communities around the country. This agenda of ethnic cleansing and cruelty must be stopped!

All concerned individuals are invited to attend the Youth Soapbox at Bughouse Square this year. We demand justice and we will not stop until we get it! During the speak-out, the audience will be invited to participate in an art installation in the park to represent the children living in the tent cities using mylar blankets. After the Soapbox is over, join us for an open public meeting to strategize and collaborate with each other in continuing this movement of resistance.

End the deportations! Abolish ICE! Trump/Pence Must Go!