No Gag Rule – Show Up and Protect Patients

May 24, 2018 - 12 PM - 1 PM

233 N Upper Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60601

Supporting Organizations: Indivisible Oak Park, Men4Choice, Women's March - Illinois, The Coalition for a Better Illinois 6th, Citizen Action Illinois, Indivisible Illinois, Planned Parenthood Illinois Action, Illinois National Organization for Women

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The Trump-Pence Administration is preparing to push a “gag rule” — their most dangerous attack on women’s basic rights, ever. We need you to get LOUD. It’s time to speak out and protect Planned Parenthood patients, and the millions of others who will be directly impacted by this dangerous rule.

The gag rule includes two unprecedented attacks on patients and doctors:
1. Forbids doctors and nurses across the country from referring patients for abortion. Even if someone asks for information, even if their health is at risk, even if a safe and legal abortion is their best option.
2. Removes the guarantee that you will receive full and accurate information about your health care. If someone discovers they’re pregnant after being diagnosed with cancer, for example, their health care provider could refuse to tell them that abortion is even an option.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan will be speaking about the impact this will have in Illinois