Emergency Protest: No War on Syria! April 12

April 12, 2018 - 6 PM

Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago 401 N Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611

Supporting Organizations: ANSWER Coalition and ANSWER Chicago

Contact Info: (773) 245-6896

Visit Organizers' Event Webpage for Most Up-To-Date Info

We will not be rushed into war by the Trump regime and the pentagon!

This emergency protest is happening on April 12 at 6 pm!

The U.S. war on Syria is built on lies, misinformation and a fraudulent pretext of humanitarian intervention just like the war in Iraq. The U.S. is the destroyer of the Middle East, not a savior and the decades of U.S. war have caused the greatest refugee crisis in history and untold misery and suffering.

The aggression and threats against Syria, Russia, China, Iran and other sovereign countries are a grave danger to the people of the world and must be resisted and shut down!

Stop the U.S. war on Syria!
We Demand Money for Schools, Health Care, Housing and Jobs, Not for War!
Stop the attacks on immigrants, Black Lives Matter and all working and oppressed people!

People United Against Oppression (a Muslim-led social justice org), BLM Women of Faith and Gay Liberation Network are supporting this action.

To endorse call (773) 245-6896 or message us!