All Out: Stop the CTA Fare Hikes!

December 12, 2017 - 5 PM - 8 PM

Chicago Transit Authority, 567 W Lake St, Chicago, Illinois 60661

Supporting Organizations: ANSWER Chicago

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Flood the CTA’s public budget hearing to stop the proposed CTA fare hikes in their tracks. This is an emergency. The CTA board is meeting on Dec. 13!

The planned fare hikes are an attack on the most vulnerable among us. They would without cause take millions of dollars away from working and poor people. Most CTA riders cannot afford the hikes, which would raise fares across the board, including an 11% increase to single bus rides.

We absolutely reject and resist the lie that there is no money for transit and people’s needs!

Rahm’s got $95 million for a new cop academy and $2.25 billion for handouts to Amazon, which is owned by the richest man in the world. The city is handing out money to racist gentrifiers like its candy. We say money for people’s needs, not racist cops and billionaires!

We will stand together and stop the CTA far hikes because they are an outrageous attack on workers, the poor, the disabled, the elderly and people from oppressed communities.

Tax the rich! Stop corporate welfare! Transit is a right and should be free!

The hearing starts at 6 pm, but we are encouraging people to arrive starting at 5 pm.

Spread the word. Get your group(s) involved. We will stop the corrupt, Rahm administration from making Chicago into a city for the rich and white only. We must fight back!

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