DAY of Defiance: Boycott Black Friday

November 24, 2017 - 10 AM

806 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL

Supporting Organizations: Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression

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The Chicago Alliance Against Racial and Political Repression calls all who support the demand for community control of the police to join us in boycotting the Magnificent Mile on Black Friday, November 24, 2017.

No matter the moral and political climate, we will NEVER forget Laquan McDonald!

We have not forgotten the 16 shots and City Hall cover-up, nor have we lost sight of the fact that his murderer Jason Van Dyke has still not been brought to justice despite the continued outrage of the people demanding justice. We remember two years ago when our people, outraged by the video of the brutal murder of Laquan, poured into the streets of the Magnificent Mile, demanding justice. Thousands of people blocked entrances to the stores, shutting down Victoria’s Secret, MACY’S, and NIKE, tying up traffic and crippling sales. This spontaneous unplanned boycott served notice on the mayor and his corporate financial buddies that the power of the people is awesome.

It is time once again to turn this awesome power of the people upon the Magnificent Mile to get the justice we seek.

We are boycotting the mag mile to demand Justice from the powers-that be, for Laquan McDonald who was shot 16 times in an execution-style murder by CPD Officer Jason Van Dyke. We are boycotting the mag mile to serve notice to the city council, enact our ordinance for an all elected civilian police accountability Council NOW. We are boycotting for justice for all survivors of police crimes, murder and torture, and to say that until our demands are met there will be no business as usual. We are boycotting for democracy, justice and peace, through community control of the police.

This is the civil rights issue of our time…. You are Abernathy, King, X, Hamer, Wells, Evers, Baker, Randolph, Rustin…. And you have been
lobbying, testifying, marketing, planning, collecting data, teaching, fund raising, meeting, blitzing, feeding troops and creating alliances….. NOW WE MUST TAKE IT TO THE STREETS….

We must remind the masses that are overwhelmed by lifes everyday challenges, that the battle is not won
We must show force that makes the enemy second guess their strategy
We are dying and retailors are painlessly profiting… we must say, No Peace, No Profits, and make them take action
We must FORCE the corporate media to tell the true story, and only thousands in the streets can disprove their lies
We must remind oppressed peoples worldwide that they are not alone, and let the power of our numbers motivate them into action