Stop the #TrumpTaxScam! Demand Corporations Pay Their Fair Share

November 10, 2017 - 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Corner of Wabash and Wacker (Across from Chicago Trump Tower)

Supporting Organizations: Indivisible Chicago, Fight for 15, Women's March Chicago, Citizen Action Illinois, Americans for Tax Fairness, CPD Action, Tax March, Indivisible Illinois

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You’re needed now more than ever. On November 10th – we need you to stand with us to demand that your voice be heard. We will not allow Republicans to pass tax cuts for billionaires and large corporations while they raise taxes on the middle class. Share this with your friends and stand with us in solidarity.

This past weekend, journalists began reporting on a leaked set of documents from a Bermuda law firm that helps corporations and billionaires avoid paying U.S. taxes. Dubbed the “Paradise Papers,” these documents unveil secrets of the ultra-elite and show that there is one set of rules for the rich and powerful, and another for everyone else.

Over a dozen people from Donald Trump’s inner circle are named in the papers, including Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, who is shown to have significant business ties with Russian oligarchs, previously undisclosed. Other clients of the Bermuda law firm, Appleby, include major U.S. corporations such as Apple, Nike, and Uber, and we expect to learn more about those companies’ finances in the coming days.

Under the Republican proposed tax plan, these same corporations and billionaires who avoid paying what they owe in U.S. taxes will be rewarded with more tax cuts and also incentivizes them to ship more jobs offshore.

We call for an immediate halt to consideration of the current GOP Tax Plan (or #TrumpTaxScam). Stand with us and join us in our call to action that:
Will highlight the need to investigate how corporations and billionaires use offshore loopholes to dodge taxes;
Will blast the Ryan-McConnell-Trump Tax Plan by emphasizing the negative impact of shipping jobs overseas; and
Will slam the GOP Tax Bill as a gift to corporations that will encourage them NOT to pay their fair share! Not only is this bill rewarding wealthy corporations, it’s elimination of the the State And Local Tax deduction (SALT) would be devastating to working Americans.

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