Tell City Council: No Amazon HQ!

November 8, 2017 - 10am

121 N. La Salle St.

Supporting Organizations: ANSWER Chicago

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The Chicago City Council is holding its next meeting on November 8th. At this meeting:

* We will resist $2.25 billion in proposed tax cuts to $500 billion Amazon and $85 billion Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for an Amazon HQ.

* We will side with workers, oppressed and the poor, not the .1%. We will demand billions of dollars for schools, housing, healthcare and jobs with living wages–Not $2.25 billion for Amazon!

* We will resist the Amazon/billionaire blueprint of gentrified cities for the rich and white only, insane tax cuts for the new mega-monopolies and mass unemployment and slave-like, low-wage conditions for the vast majority.

* As city elites escalate racist gentrification and try to make Chicago a city for the rich and white only, we will fight for a city for the many! #NoAmazonHQ.

Come join us on November 8th to make the people’s voice heard!

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