Protest, Rahm’s House: Justice for Laquan, Not $ for Amazon!

October 20, 2017 - 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

4228 N Hermitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60613-1104

Supporting Organizations: Answer Chicago and BLM Women of Faith

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Protest at Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s House! Co-sponsored by Answer Chicago and BLM Women of Faith

We will not be silenced or sidelined! As the Mayor, Gov. Rauner and the city elites promise gentrifying, low-wage paying Amazon the keys to the city and huge corporate handouts, we will keep taking action until we get justice for Laquan, Jason Van Dyke is in jail for murder and Mayor Emanuel is held accountable for covering up Laquan’s lynching at the hands of the racist CPD.

We demand billions of dollars for schools, housing, healthcare and jobs with living wages—not for Amazon! #NoAmazonHQ

No to gentrification. As the city’s elites escalate the income gap and try to make Chicago a city for the rich and white only, we will fight for a city for the many!

Oct 20 is the anniversary of Laquan’s death. Oct 19 is the deadline in the nationwide bidding war for an Amazon HQ.

If you are against the plans for a new cop academy, or the attacks on public education, etc, join with us on October 20!

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An Amazon headquarters in Chicago would be no victory for the vast majority of people living in Chicago. In fact, it represents a great threat to us.

An Amazon headquarters in Chicago, or anywhere, which would receive billions of dollars in corporate welfare and hire mostly high paid white managers, would send gentrification and ethnic cleansing of Chicago’s neighborhoods into overdrive. Like in Seattle, it would send rents and home prices skyrocketing. It would give Amazon more power to keep wages low for its warehouse workers and drivers, thereby depressing wages across the board. An Amazon HQ would concretely increase Chicagoans suffering, especially for the most oppressed, in the form of lower pay and higher living expenses.

We will not allow the city’s political and economic elites to hand over billions of dollars and the keys of the city to Amazon. We will fight to stop the rulers of this city from turning Chicago into a city for the rich and white only. We will fight for a city for the many!