Chicago Workers Strike Back

September 4, 2017 - 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

James R. Thompson Center 100 W Randolph St, Chicago, Illinois 60601

Supporting Organizations: Food & Water Watch & many others!

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This Labor Day, join the largest Labor Day rally in Chicago’s history to stand up for strong unions & living wages & against corporations and politicians that have rigged our economy!

Workers from ALL sectors of our economy and across our communities are striking back– to join rallies, marches, and strikes to demonstrate our power and strength and the need for strong unions.

Fast food workers in over 300 cities, including in Chicago, will be on strike in record numbers. And not just in the U.S. At the same time, McDonald’s workers in the U.K. will be striking for the first time ever!

Good union jobs in factories once created stable, secure work that allowed families to thrive. Hospital work and other service work is now the backbone of our economy, but too many Americans who work in these jobs are falling behind, so for the first time ever, non-union hospital workers will be joining us in the streets!

Our entire economy is rigged against working people. Politicians, like Gov. Rauner, and wealthy corporations like McDonald’s & the American Hospital Association continue to push an extreme agenda to:
-deny our right to form unions
-silence our voices on the job
-suppress our wages
-continue rampant racism

Unions are the solutions for bad jobs & wages. Unions are one of the few ways working people have to keep corporations & politicians accountable. With unions we have power.

Stand up with workers. Stand up for unions. Sign up for updates:

Participating organizations include:

A Just Harvest
AFSCME Local 198
America Indian Center
Arise Chicago
ATU 308
Brighton Park Neighborhood Council
Chicago Coalition for the Homeless
Chicago Jobs with Justice
Chicago Now
Chicago Women Take Action
Communities United
DePaul Labor Education Center
Democratic Socialist of America
DSA (West Suburbs)
Fight For 15 Chicago
Food Chain Workers Alliance
Healing to Action
IL Green Party
Indivisible Illinois
Our Revolution Chicago
Pilsen Alliance
Pilsen Neighbor Comm. Council
Progressive Caucus
R3 Coalition
SEIU Local 1
SEIU Local 73
Sierra Club
The People’s Lobby
UAW Local 551
Union of Concernced Scientists
United Neighbors of the 35th Ward
Warehouse Workers for Justice
Women’s March Illinois
Womens March on Chicago
Workmen’s Circle