Chicago Int’l Women’s Day March for Equality, Justice & Power!

March 12, 2017 - 12 PM - 3:30 PM

Wacker and Wabash

Supporting Organizations: ANSWER Chicago Women

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Int’l Women’s Day March for Equal Rights, Justice & Power!

A Women’s place is in the struggle. A grassroots Women’s movement can defeat the Trump agenda and so we are going to keep taking to the streets of this country to fight against sexism, white supremacy, anti-LGBTQ oppression and war.

Women and people from all communities will gather at Trump Tower at 12 noon on Sat., March 11 and march through the streets of downtown Chicago to Michigan and Congress where we will hold a people’s speak out to say we will keep building the resistance.

Unite and Fight! All Our Struggles Are One! We want to help build a broad, united movement that can defeat patriarchy and put the rich white men who run this country on notice that the streets, schools, work places and so much more belong to the people.

On March 12, let’s shut down discrimination against people based on their gender and gender expression. Let’s shut down violence against women and all oppressed people. Let’s defend Planned Parenthood and expand Women’s rights. Let’s demand: “Equal pay and universal health care now or we are going to shut this country down!”

We solidarize with all actions that are taking place around Chicago, the United States and the world around International Women’s Day. We join the resistance against the Trump regime of racists, planet destroyers, america firsters and vile bigots. We are with #NoDAPL and BLM.

The resistance in the streets must continue in the biggest numbers possible. The resistance must be every day and everywhere. This is no time to stay at home. This is no time to stay inside. This is the time come out for united mass actions in defense of immigrants, Muslims, women, LGBTQ people, workers, poor people, people of color and all those who are under attack.

This protest is being organized by Women of ANSWER Chicago. Want to help build this protest? Are you in an organization that would like to build the protest with us? Do you want to volunteer? Message one of the organizers!

All Power to All Women! All Power to the People! We Will Not Be Silenced! We Will Stand Our Ground and Fight Back!