Resistance Recess! Statewide Action – Rep. Luis Gutierrez (IL-4)

February 23, 2017 - 4 PM - 5:30 PM

3240 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL

Supporting Organizations: MoveOn

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But first, let’s recall why this event is so important! Here’s the deal: even though Rep. Gutierrez has been great on immigration and refugee rights, we need him to #RESIST45! MoCs are subject to all kinds of pressures—from party leaders, lobbyists, donors, etc—and Rep. Gutierrez shares a lot of our values, we have to show up strong, make our voices heard, and embolden him to STAND UP for what WE, his constituents, believe in!

So! Here are the details of what’s going on:

– Meeting Place: The corner of Kedzie and Fullerton, in the parkway
on the west side of the boulevard.

– What to Bring: If you can, BRING SIGNS! And put Indivisible Chicago or HumboldtLogan Indivisible on them! Pick your favorite issue and ask Rep. Gutierrez to stand up for it! If immigration is your favorite issue, write a sign thanking him! If you can’t, we’ll have some extra poster board and markers and you can make a sign before we head to his office. Also: BRING AMERICAN FLAGS! We need to take that symbol BACK! Finally, if you have a bullhorn, please reply to this email and let us know!! We need one!! (Hey, we’re first time organizers just like you, k? 😉

– Schedule: Arrive at 4pm, we’ll make signs, go over the schedule again, and practice chants. (If you have suggestions, please submit them here!) We’ll head over to the office around 4:20. At 4:40, a small group will head inside with a specific request for Rep. Gutierrez to stand up and fight back against the Trump agenda (see more below!) We’ll march for an hour or so before we disband around 5:20.

What We’re Asking For:

– More town halls! There’s one on 3/6, but that’s not enough! We want well advertised, frequent town halls to stay in close contact with Rep. Gutierrez.

– No Investigation, No Legislation! Rep. Gutierrez should do everything in his power to STOP congressional action until the House Oversight Committee agrees to investigate Michael Flynn (and other election staff) and his communications with Russia. We must know what this administration knew about Russia’s involvement in election tampering and sanctions!

– Co-sponsor the Presidential Trade Transparency Act! This act would require the president to disclose any financial interests he has in foreign countries before dealing with trade matters. We must know how he is compromised!
Please send us any questions. We’ll try to get to them asap.