Stand for Choice

January 13, 2019 - 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Federal Center and Plaza, 219 S Dearborn St, Chicago, Illinois 60603

Supporting Organizations: Friends Who March

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Every year the Antis gather to rejoice in their hatred of women. We will be there to show our support for CHOICE! We aren’t there to make speeches. To talk to press. We believe that it is every woman’s RIGHT to decide what is right for HER.

The Antis will flood their corner w the color yellow. So we will wear purple to show our support for equal rights. Bring whatever sign you want to hold. Or come as a Handmaid.

Last year we stood on the corner across the street from the Antis & will do that again this year. If you have any questions you can email

Trump Anniversary: Unite to Fight Racism, War & Bigotry, Save Planet!

January 19, 2019 - 12 PM - 3 PM

Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago, 401 N Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611

Supporting Organizations: Answer Chicago

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On the Anniversary of white supremacist Trump’s inauguration, we will take to the streets again to shut down racism, war & bigotry and save the planet. Join us. We must and will keep marching and fighting and building the people’s movement for the real and lasting changes that are so badly needed!

Multiple looming crises are confronting the human race and we must and will take collective action.

We have 12 years to save the planet.
We must resist the divide and conquer strategies of the rulers of this country and build solidarity with the refugees who are bearing the brunt of these increasingly reactionary times.
The U.S. foreign policy elite — in a thoroughly bipartisan way — is aggressively leading us toward confrontations with major nuclear powers.
Naked white supremacy and fascism are again emerging in the centers of power from Brazil to the United States to Europe and beyond.
Austerity has wrecked the working class and oppressed communities.
Abortion rights must be defended and so much more.

The people must and will reemerge as an unstoppable force in society to shut down racism, war & bigotry. Bring your signs, banner and voices of protest!

Gather at Wacker and Wabash at 12 noon. March to La Salle St (Chicago’s Wall Street)

To cosponsor or endorse protest, message or respond to this event!

Women’s March – Woodstock IL – #WomensWave

January 19, 2019 - 1 PM - 3 PM

Woodstock Square Historic District, Woodstock, Illinois 60098

Supporting Organizations: Women's March

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It’s time to march again. And this time, we’re coming back with an agenda.

On January 19, 2019, we’re going to flood the streets of Woodstock Square in sisterhood with cities across the globe. The #WomensWave is coming, and we’re sweeping the world forward with us.

‘Healing, Community, Resistance’ is our theme. We are asking all participants to take action locally. We will rally at the Gazebo, follow with a march ending at Home of the Sparrow, 120 E. Calhoun St., where we will drop off donations to help homeless women and children in our community.

Please RSVP here and at the Women’s March website

Questions or to volunteer, please message us. 
Organizers: Cathy Johnson, Ruth Scifo