El Silencio es Complicidad #FamiliesBelongTogether

June 20, 2018 - 5 PM - 7 PM

The Art Institute of Chicago, 111 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60603

Supporting Organizations: Freedom First International and Refuse Fascism Chicago

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Silence is Complicity! We’ve all seen the photos of the children locked onto American concentration camps in Texas. We all know about the “baby jails” now. We’ve heard the recording of children crying for their mommies and daddies. We are all culpable for these crimes as we see ethnic cleansing in the making, directed from the very top of Trump / Pence regime – unless we do everything in our power to stop these crimes and drive out the fascist regime carrying out this white supremacist agenda.

From the RefuseFascism.org Call to Action:
“‘Make America Great Again’ is a 21st century fascist program of Manifest Destiny – ‘America First’ – wrapped in the flag and Mike Pence’s Bible taken literally, with a program of white supremacy, misogyny, and xenophobia.”

JOIN US in front of the Art Institute of Chicago at 5pm Wednesday June 20 – the cultural heart of our city – to say ALL THIS HAS GOT TO STOP and it has got to STOP NOW.

March for Families —Lincoln Square

June 23, 2018 - 9:00 AM

Giddings Plaza, 4731 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60625

Supporting Organizations: Families Belong Together, Carrie Hardin

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Join in this protest of so-called “zero tolerance” immigration policies put forth by the Trump administration and AT Jeff Sessions. In the past few weeks, nearly 2,000 children have been seized from their families and are being held in detention centers. This has been done despite the fact that illegally crossing the US border without a criminal record is a misdemeanor crime, and that crossing the border to seek asylum is not a crime at all.

Meet us on Saturday, June 23rd in Giddings Plaza, in Lincoln Square, where we’ll be rallying at 9AM and marching south on Lincoln to Ashland/Belmont.

All are welcome! Please feel free to bring young children to this family-friendly event!

* There is also a Family Protest being hosted in Rogers Park on this day (see link below), if this is a closer location for you then check it out!

Please note: we do not have a permit to block roadways; we will be taking up the sidewalks. Anyone choosing to block roads and/or crosswalks agrees to do so at their own risk.

Families United – Children’s March for Immigrant Rights in Rogers Park

June 23, 2018 - 2:00 PM- 4:00 PM

CTA Red Line - Morse Station to Touhy Park

Supporting Organizations: Rachel Cohen and Gerardo Marciano

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Rogers Park welcomes immigrants and refugees from all over the world. We know fleeing violence or seeking new a livelihood in the United States are not crimes. No human being is illegal!

Stop the traumatizing separation of hundreds children from their parents! End the detention of thousands of migrant children in prisons and camps! No more raids and deportations.

On Saturday, June 23, we will gather with our families and communities to demand migrant families be reunited and released from detention immediately.

MakeLoveLouder at 2018 Chicago Pride

June 24, 2018 - 12 PM - 4 PM

445 W Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, IL 60614

Supporting Organizations: Praxis Group, Darren Calhoun, Alicia T. Crosby, Center for Inclusivity

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Join us for the #MakeLoveLouder campaign – a tongue-in-cheek, counter-protest organized to inject humanity, laughter, love, and affirmation into an emotionally and spiritually toxic space at the 2018 Chicago Pride Parade! We’ll station ourselves directly in front of the cordoned off protest area, offering a message of support, solidarity, and care for paraders–in contrast to the messages of bigotry, shame, and stigma projected by those behind us.

Together we can #MakeLoveLouder!

The Details


Sunday, June 24th, from 12p – 4p. While the parade starts at noon, it won’t make it down to our location until 1p or 1:30p. Though you’re welcome to come and leave whenever you like, please RSVP via event invite or via email (info@centerforinclusivity.org) so that we have a sense of how many people to expect.


445 W. Diversey (see map in comments). We’ll have a 25′ banner attached to the parade railing directly in front of the protest area.


If you need to reach us on the day of, please use our Facebook event page, tweet at or direct message us on Twitter (@cfi_chicago), or call us at 1-800-899-5495. Please note that the parade route (and especially our section) will have heavy police presence. In the unlikely event of an emergency, we will leave the area and regroup in the parking lot of the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, 2430 N Cannon Dr., a half-mile Southeast of our location.


We will have 100 #MakeLoveLouder t-shirts at the location (see picture in comments). We will be giving them out on a first-come-first-serve basis. Plan to come early if getting the right size is important to you.

While there are a number of garages you can park in with discounted rates using Parking Panda or Spot Hero, CTA may be your best option for travel. The Diversy Brown Line stop is a 0.6 mile walk from our location. There are also a number of bus options available. Consider using the CTA Trip planner to map out the best route for you (http://www.transitchicago.com/planatrip/)


Sunscreen, a rain poncho, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, signs (without sticks), and some kind of wearable bag to hold it all in. Stuff on the ground tends to get trampled on. We purchased tons of water and some snacks but know that our location is about 20 yards from a 7-Eleven if you need anything.

We would love to see other groups and organizations co-sponsor this event with us. If you know a group that would like to get involved, please have them email us at info@centeforinclusivity.org so we can work to get them plugged in.


You may have questions about what to expect at #MakeLoveLouder or want to know about the history. We’ll be hosting an online info session on Wednesday, June 20th to go over expectations for the day and any inquires you may have. The link for the orientation can be accessed via https://zoom.us/j/828387847.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Pride!


1) Exude love, joy, and care with every fiber of your being. Our mission is to bring light to a emotionally and spiritually dark space at Pride. We’ll do it with hugs, cheers, affirmations, and supportive signs (posterboard and markers will be down at the location) but know that what’s most important is your presence. We don’t just want to communicate love, we want to embody love.

2) When asked what we’re doing (by paraders or onlookers), reply with something simple like, “We’re here to make love louder than anything” or “We’re here to be louder than the bullies.”

3) Don’t engage with the protesters. They’ll say all sorts of vile things through their megaphones, maybe even to you personally. They do it to provoke people and to get a reaction so we’re not going to give them the satisfaction of our attention.

We’re going to have a blast! Know that we’re so excited to #MakeLoveLouder with you!

Chicago Protest Against Family Separations at the Border

June 30, 2018 - 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Daley Plaza, 50 W. Washington St., Chicago, IL

Supporting Organizations: Indivisible Chicago, Our Revolution Illinois, Chicago Resistance to Family Separations, Indivisible Illinois, Gather Activism, Heartland Alliance's National Immigrant Justice Center, ACLU of Illinois

Visit Organizers' Event Webpage for Most Up-To-Date Info

On June 30, we’ll be joining together to protest this administration’s cruel policy of separating kids from their parents. Families belong together, and we need to end this — NOW.

If you can’t make it to Chicago, go to FamiliesBelongTogether.org for more information on local events across the country.

Sponsoring organizations include:
ACLU, Chicago Women Take Action, Gather Activism, Heartland Alliance’s National Immigrant Justice Center, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, Indivisible Chicago, Indivisible Illinois, Our Revolution Illinois, PASO, Women’s March – Illinois

Note: By choosing to attend this event, you are committing to participate nonviolently and in accordance with the law, to work to de-escalate confrontations with others, and to obey the orders of authorized event marshals and of law enforcement. You also acknowledge that you are solely responsible for any injury or damage to your person or property resulting from or occurring during this event and that you release all event sponsors and organizers (and their officers, directors, employees, and agents) from any liability for that injury or damage.